In a developing country like India, the accelerated growth of the India Real estate sector is giving its economy a major boost and it is making its presence felt by other nations including the developed ones in the world. India Real Estate market is very high in the metro towns of Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon and Chennai. Even India Real Estate growth expand to small towns like Indore, Chandigarh and Coimbatore witnessed a property boom. Many India Real Estate developers offer property valuation and property management services for easy assessment of the property.

India Real Estate Network: The development of commercial properties like shopping malls, hotels, educational institutions, hospitals, business corporations etc in India has intensified due to heavy interest shown by foreign investors and NRIs. This has pushed the India real estate market into a mushrooming phase. Another fact to be considered is that of the total Indian real estate property about 80% comprises of Residential or agricultural property. India Real Estate Network is a good source for getting information on recent trends of the commercial property market. India Real Estate Network would also get to know about the top listed developers and their updated developments.

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